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The spectacular waterside venue of Skydive Dubai was the perfect fitting for the premier of the ADRENALINE ZONE for the World Parachuting Championships Mondial 2012, Dubai.

The world’s best athletes in Freestyle Motocross, Mountain Biking and BAGJUMP™ Freedrop® combined into one amazing and enthralling show centered around the worlds biggest BAGJUMP™. The athletes performed in a variety of solo and combined shows, all synchronized to create an awe-inspiring spectacular.

When the 3 daily shows were not happening, the public had the opportunity to try the BAGJUMP™ ‘Grande’ themselves from 7m and 10m.  Best of all, it was all free to the public.

The adrenaline pumping show included world-renowned Freestyle Motocross riders MARTIN KOREN, NICK FRANKLIN and NICK DE WIT. The riders amazed the crowds with a series of seemingly impossible tricks while flying over the world’s biggest BAGJUMP™, pushing the limits of their bikes and bodies.  

One of the true highlights of the Adrenaline Zone was the Pro Freedrop® Demo by DANIEL MÖSL, EETU RINTAMAA and STEFAN “HAGI” HAGLEITNER performing a serious of unbelievable serial tricks as they fell from up to 40m.  Falling from such extraordinary heights while flipping, tucking and turning was a huge crowd pleaser and something never seen in this region.

Mountainbike legends MATTHIAS GARBER, ANDREAS BREWI, ELIAS VONIER, showed the UAE a truly unique and exhilarating show by performing a series of electrifying tricks over a 10m gap and into the BAGJUMP™. The riders were towed in by a 1000CC quad reaching speeds of 70km p/h before hitting a launch ramp that projected them high into the air and into the BAGJUMP™.

With crowds reaching into the thousands, surprise guests included Felix Baumgartner and R´n´B singer Usher.  A picturesque background, a team of talented extreme sports athletes, the perfect set up and a exited public all combined to make a show and experience not to be forgotten.

Your BAGJUMP™ and Flow Events Team

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