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Safety and Quality

Designed to meet the demands of the world’s top freestyle athletes and national Olympic freestyle teams, at BAGJUMP™ we recognize the ethical obligation we have towards the end users of our products. Our unblemished safety record and list of references lays testimony to the quality of our products and services.


BAGJUMP™ produces high performance and durable professional inflatable sports equipment, such as freestyle airbags, ski airbags, snowboard airbags and foam pit aribags that meets or exceeds numerous safety & quality standards.

ski safety equipment certificates

BAGJUMP™ products incorporate fire retardant PVC coated vinyl and heavy gauge nylon thread. The PVC coated Vinyl is manufactured in the European Union by SIOEN Industries ( in accordance with the ISO 9001-2008 quality management standards and exceeds the rigorous fire safety standards set by the Californian State Fire Marshal (  and the ASTM (

Precision and accuracy is monitored during the construction of every BAGJUMP™ to ensure that all seams are double-stitched and corners and other stress points are quadruple-stitched and reinforced to eliminate premature stretching. Furthermore the performance of BAGJUMP™ products have been tested and certified for safety by the TÜV ( All certificates and test reports can be made available to BAGJUMP™ customers on request.


Getting the right advice and an insurance policy that gives you absolute security is always important. When you purchase a BAGJUMP™ product we also happily will pass you the details of our insurance specialist who has been working directly with BAGJUMP™ for many years.


Manufacturing the safest freestyle airbags, ski airbags and snowboard airbags in the world does not guarantee that they are operated properly and safely. For this reason we offer our customers full training on how to set-up, operate, maintain, pack, handle and transport our products. Training our customers not only further increases safety, but it also helps to increase the life time of your BAGJUMP™. Once your team has completed the training program, a BAGJUMP™ Operators certificate will be issued to certify that your team are ready to operate the BAGJUMP™ safely.

Freestyle airbag training session


A logbook is included in your purchase to guide you in carrying out the correct maintenance on a regular basis in order to uphold the validity of your product guarantee. Furthermore the log book acts as a safety net, ensuring the BAGJUMP™ is always safe to use.

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