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10 X 10 X 3.5 M


Features BAGJUMP Big Airbag

Why Choose the BANTAM EXT?

  • Ideal for Freedrop® events 
  • Its height delivers optimal safety – we have tested this bag up to 50m above ground level.
  • large enough to be unavoidable but easy enough to setup, take down and transport.
  • The 100m² landing area offers optimum safety but also allows the jumpers to leave the BAGJUMP™ quickly meaning you can do 1-2 jumps/minute.
  • 240m² branding space, making it a people magnet.
  • Can also be used for BMX, MTB and snow tubing.

Included in your purchase

  • 1 BAGJUMP™ BANTAM EXT in BAGJUMP™ standard colors (Red/Blue or White)
  • 1 Replaceable Topsheet® in BAGJUMP™ standard colors (Red/Blue or White)
  • 3 high quality blowers
  • Anchoring system for earth, sand or snow
  • Training and operator certification on how to set-up, use, take down, handle, package and transport your BAGJUMP™ and optimize safety.
  • Log book
  • 2 year warranty
  • Ongoing customer service
  • Organization of transport worldwide


Coca Cola Freedrop Event in Costa Rica - An effective advertising idea!


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Safety and quality

BAGJUMP™ bike airbags, ski airbags and snowboard airbags are trusted by the best freestyle athletes in the world. BAGJUMP™ manufactures hard wearing and durable high-performance products which meet all world-wide safety standards.


The BANTAM EXT is a real eye catcher, drawing crowds from as far as the eye can see. The replaceable gigantic advertising banners transport your message in full digital print quality making it a great event attractions wherever it is.

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