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Why choose the Grande?

  • Ideal for permanent installations
  • 400m² landing area
  • Due to its size the Grande allows for pro level tricks and off center landings
  • Optimal impact absorption due to its height
  • 3 ramps/side possible
  • 700m² Branding space perfect for ski resort advertising

Included in your purchase

  • 1 BAGJUMP™ GRANDE in BAGJUMP™ standard colors (Red/Blue or White)
  • 2 high quality blowers
  • 1 Replaceable Topsheet® in BAGJUMP™ standard colors (Red/Blue or White)
  • Anchoring system for earth, sand and snow
  • Training and operator certification on how to set-up, use, take down, handle, package and transport your BAGJUMP™ and optimize safety.
  • Instructions Manual
  • Log book
  • 2 year warranty
  • Ongoing customer service
  • Organization of transport worldwide

Additional Products


High quality blower

Replacable Topsheet


Travis Pastrana - FMX Airbag - The Grande by BAGJUMP


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Safety and Quality


Bagjump freestyle airbags are trusted by the best freestyle athletes in the world. BAGJUMP™ manufactures hard wearing high-performance inflatable sports equipment which meets all world-wide safety standards.



The GRANDE is a real eye catcher, drawing crowds from as far as the eye can see. The replaceable gigantic advertising banners transport your message in full digital print quality making it the main attraction wherever it is. BAGJUMP™ is a unique event promotion ideas that leaves an unforgettable impression.

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