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Why are BAGJUMP™ Airbags so tough but still so soft?

BAGJUMP™ uses it's own patented material which has been tested over years with characteristics of extreme softness, maximum durability, resists color fading and UV rays.

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How big is the rental BAGJUMP™?

The rental BAGJUMP™(Ample) measures 15x15x3,5m. The surface to operate the bag safely needs to be 20x20m.

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How big is the BAGJUMP™ when rolled up?

2,5 meter long and 1,5 meter in diameter.

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How long does it take to inflate the BAGJUMP™?

The BAGJUMP™ Ample needs approx. 15 minutes for complete inflation,

Bantam EXT and Bantam Regular approx. 10minutes, Grande and VertEVO® approx. 20min.

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How long does the BAGJUMP™ need to blow up after a jump?

None! Once a jumper has left the Bagjump, the next one can jump. Normal jump frequency like in a Funpark!

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What´s the highest jump possible into the BAGJUMP™?

The Mega-Bag has been tested and approved on jumps up to 50m (164ft).

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Is there a bounce out or hit through to the ground like other ski or snowboard airbag companies?

No! BAGJUMP™ stands for safety! Due to the Chamber & Air-Release-Safety-System a perfect and soft catch is guaranteed, even on off center landings!

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Can you put a BAGJUMP™ on a slope?

Yes, you can put the BAGJUMP™ anywhere, all you need is a horizontal surface from 20x20m.

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Can you put the BAGJUMP™ on water?

You can put the BAGJUMP™ at the waterside or on a float.

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Can the BAGJUMP™ be left on the Snow overnight?

Yes! BAGJUMP™ products can be used at temperatures from -40°C to +70°C!

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What about the sharp ski- or snowboard- edges? They don´t harm the BAGJUMP™?

BAGJUMP™ Airbags are made out of the most durable and tear-resistant material available and are covered with an extra replaceable topsheet®.

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Can you jump with MotorBikes or MotorSled?

Yes you can! Either cover the hot parts of the engine or go with our Carbon fiber indestructible replacable topsheet®!

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How long does a replaceable topsheet® last?

Min. 8.000 – 10.000 jumps with skis and snowboard

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How do I land in the BAGJUMP™? Can I fall on my head in the BAGJUMP™?

You can land just anyhow in the BAGJUMP™! It doesn´t matter how you land if the jump is max. 7m above ground. For all jumps higher than 7m, the best way to land in the BAGJUMP™ is on your back or belly.

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How does the anchoring system work?

The unique BAGJUMP™ anchoring system for snow/ gravel/ sand and concrete is another safety feature of all BAGJUMP™ products. The BAGJUMP™ is anchored to the ground and can stay flexible at the same time, to guarantee a safe catch and no slide out effect!

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