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BRANDING - Your giant custom Billboard!

Permanent Branding

Permanent branding for your logos, sponsors, individual designs and artwork on all BAGJUMP products!

Depending on the size of your BAGJUMP, the printable branding surface area ranges from 8m² up to an amazing 720m²! In the initial stages of your order process, our graphics department will integrate your wishes into a concept model for your approval.

Your BAGJUMP™ representative will consult with you and review the complexity of your artwork or message to determine which permanent print method will best suit your needs. Once you are completely satisfied with the layout, the print-ready artwork is sent to the production facility to be integraded into the product.

Full color 300dpi true solvent digital imaging, protected by a latex clear coat liquid laminate, ensures the longevity of your image and helps protect it from UV light and abrasion. Digital imaging allows maximum creativity, from simple shapes up to complex multicolor photo images.

In situations where digital print work is not feasible, a direct PVC screen print method will be used. The vinyl ink used in the PVC screen print process is extremely durable and ideal for wear and tear areas such as the replaceable topsheet®. All branded BAGJUMP™ replaceable topsheets® utilize this PVC screen print method to ensure durability and maximum long-term brand recognition. PVC screen print is available in up to 4 colors.

Be flexible with your Branding!

Be flexible with your Branding!


The industrial lycra material used in our Premium Branding is tested and developed with one specific need in mind: perfect logo/artwork placement and appearance every time!

This stretchable fabric is UV-resistant and the perfect solution for ensuring a dramatic and highly visible message. The benefit of this marketing technique is that you have the ability to order your branding in individual pieces to help stretch your advertising budget or maximize your marketing budget by selling advertising space to different sponsors. Full color digital print work is included with each individual piece.



This lightweight nylon fabric is ideal for applications such as temporary color changes to your BAGJUMP™. Its also a great solution for „do it yourself“ branding by using textile stickers. With this option, you will receive a specialized nylon bannering with matching Velcro pattern in the color of your choice. Digital print work is also available.

Every BAGJUMP™ can be produced with an easy-to-use Velcro bannering system, which consists of a grid made of 5 cm Velcro strips in a standardized pattern. This system gives you the flexibility to create multiple branding configurations.

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