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This exclusive safety feature is incorporated into every BAGJUMP™. It is a separately inflated ring along the top edge to prevent jumpers from falling or sliding out. The Safety Guard works at high air pressure, is 70cm high and rises
up as a barrier once someone lands on the BAGJUMP™.



Manufactured from a high-tech fabric and exclusively for BAGJUMP™, this sheet acts as a protection membrane, ensuring the softest and smoothest catch possible, while never compromising the durability and flexibility of the material. It protects the main BAGJUMP™ from eventual damage caused by the sharp edges of skis, snowboards and bikes. The Topsheet® definitely extends the lifetime of your BAGJUMP™ and can be quickly replaced with the easy-to-use Velcro system.



The Catching Zone is the main component of BAGJUMP™ Airbag´s softness! It is the thickest part of any BAGJUMP™ and catches you like a glove by effectively absorbing the landing energy and releasing it through the Torpedo Valves, guaranteeing a rebound free catch every time. This patent-pending technology is the key behind BAGJUMP™ unsurpassed level of safety for all freestyle sports.



The Safety Zone is a protective zone to avoid any floor contact. It is operated at a higher air pressure level to increase safety for big jumps.


Multiple anchoring points which are tested to withhold 250 kg of pull strenght contribute to keeping the Bagjump™ in place during operation. Depending on the surface you are operating on, please consult your Bagjump™ representative for guidance on the different anchoring configurations available.


BAGJUMP™ has a Worldwide Event Insurance for your peace of mind.

Insurance on sold BAGJUMPs™ must be covered by the owner. We will assist you in the best way possible on this topic. Please contact us for more informations.


BAGJUMP™ has multiple Safety certificates for all products listed. Safety and Service are our success! With over several million jumpers into BAGJUMP™ Products and a clean injury history we are proud of having the top products on the market of impact absorbing inflatables worldwide. BAGJUMP™ Airbags have been tested and approved for Extreme Sports by Professional Athletes and Technical Engineers for amusement rides. We use our patented fire retardant material to ensure highest quality standards worldwide with our production in Toronto/Canada. Throughout the years of BAGJUMP™ we have brought the operation, function and safety to a superior level, rated and tested according to European Standards, safety requirements and test methods. BAGJUMP™ is certified in many countries and is the #1 choice in terms of safety! 

Approved and owned by National Teams as product of choice: Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Canada, Italy, France, USA, Austria, RedBull High Performance Division, Monster Energy Ski & Snowboard Pro-Team and many more!

BAGJUMP™ products are tested up to 160ft (50m) freefall which relates directly to our supreme softness upon impact of lower falls. Test videos and certificates available! With the Chamer and Air release technology of BAGJUMP™ you will never hit through to the ground our bounce out like on a trampoline or other airbag products. BAGJUMP™ catches you like a glove! Upon purchase we give out a detailed Operations Manual in combination with a full Instruction day on safe operations, building of different setup types, maintenance, storage and finished with a operator certificate for each individual customer. A trained and certified BAGJUMP™ Instructor will arrive with your BAGJUMP™ product to do the Instruction day with your staff to ensure safe operations and peace of mind in your facility!

Be aware!!

Educate yourself before buying into an airbag product since there are enormous differences in safety, softness, function and operation on copycat companies. Airbag does not equal airbag!! We will assist you on this topic and would like to educate you more about airbag products on the market. Don't be fooled, safety is not a joke and BAGJUMP™ takes this very serious as the leading Brand!

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